Road works

You will be more than participants on the road around the lake on Sunday the 27th of May 2018. We recommend you to be careful  and ask you to respect the traffic laws.

Thanks to pay attention to the information below :

Road Works

All the way long, some works are in progress

Geneva : crossino Geneva, pay attention to the pedestrian pathway. All the traffic lights will be blinking on the course. Therefor, pedestrians are priority on the pedestrian pathway.
Other risks
All the railway tracks before and after St Gingolph,  Speed bumps around Yvoire and Chinas sur Léman in France, etc
The organisation of Le Cyclotour du Léman Wish you à gréât Cyclotour and recommend you to be very careful. You are ambassador of our sport, we invite you to be courteous with other users of the road.
For more information :

Association Cyclotour du Léman
Christian Jean
En Budron H7 – N°35
1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

tél : +41 79 536 79 50 
mail :