Nutrition and recovery


Eat carbohydrates such as pasta the day before the race.

Eat a balanced breakfast as early as possible.

Eat and drink regularly throughout the event (4 refreshment stops along the route).



1-  If you sweated a lot, it is important to leisurely drink 250ml over 5 minutes immediately after exercising and before showering 

2-  Then, slowly sip a sweetened recovery drink ( 500ml of water with sweet syrup prepared before the race) = this will replace the sugar reserves in your legs and liver, as these will have been depleted during the race. The drink shouldn’t be ice cold, if it’s fizzy shake it to reduce the carbonic acid.

3-  Be sure, of course, to perform the stretches +++++ instructed by your coach. These should be done well after the event however since stretching warm muscles can cause injury: tears in muscle fibres; it is preferable to perform stretches in the evening before going to bed.

4- At the after-race meal: if you sweated a lot, add a little more salt to your food; avoid red meat and fat; a FANTASTIC DISH FOR A BETTER RECOVERY IS A SOUP!!! If possible, eat a fruit yoghurt for dessert. 

5-  Drink plenty until you go to bed. The last urine of the day should be clear “like water”. If not, it means you have not drunk enough and you should drink some more.

6- Quality of sleep is essential. It is at night that any muscles torn while exercisingare reconstructed. It is at night that the hormones that enable recovery are released (growth hormones, testosterone etc.). If you have difficulty getting to sleep and/or if you wake often in the night, here are some simple tips for getting to sleep easier and for better sleep:

7-  The body’s temperature needs to drop a little: you should therefore take a very quick lukewarm to cold shower half an hour before going to bed. The room temperature should not exceed 17°C. Do not cover yourself up too much and avoid putting a duvet on your legs, that will cause the leg veins to swell in the night. Above all, do not take a hot bath, that dilates the veins and you will not recover as well.

8-  For nighttime, place a pillow or folded blanket underneath the mattress at the foot end: this will ensure that the legs are slightly elevated: this drains the toxins better and the leg vehins will recover quicker.

9-  Before going to bed, perform this exercise for 15 minutes: lie on the ground or on your bed, place the legs against a wall for 20 seconds then lie back down for 10 seconds, then 20 seconds up, 10 seconds down etc. for 15 minutes: this will properly “drain” any “toxins” from the veins

10- If you wake up during the night, drink still water.