The Cyclotour du Léman is a popular cyclotour which is open to anyone, male and female (minimum age of 16 years old), licensed or unlicensed.

Minors (under 18) must provide a parental authorization for their participation in the race when they pick up the jersey.

The race takes place on a road which is open to traffic.

Participants agree to respect the highway code; cyclists must approach roundabouts from the right, cycle on the right in single file, control their speed and direction and adhere to any instructions from officials.

Any infringements noted will result in the immediate withdrawal from the list for potential classification as well as automatic blocking from lists in future years.


A car with a beacon at St-Gingolph is located at the railway line. In case of rain, if the beacon is on, cyclists must reduce their speed and cross the railway at 10km/h

A helmet, ‘Cyclotour du Léman’ jersey, electronic chip, frame plate, race number and fully completed information sheet must be carried or worn at all times.

Riders must be in possession of ID to facilitate passage through customs. Accompanying vehicles are prohibited.

Participants are responsible for the smooth operation of their equipment. Times will be recorded on the course but will not form the basis for classification. Results will be communicated in alphabetical order and will be available at 


Distance Lausanne – Lausanne : cyclists who have not passed Evian at 10:15 and Pregny-Chambésy at 12:48 will be stopped and transported back by truck. A minimum average speed of 23 km/h is requested

Distance Genève – Genève : cyclists who have not passed Lausanne at 08:53 and Evian at 11:38 will be stopped and transported back by truck. A minimum average speed of 23 km/h is requested

Distance Evian – Lausanne : cyclists who have not passed Pregny-Chambésy at 11:53 will be stopped and transported back by truck. A minimum average speed of 20 km/h is requested

Distance Genève – Lausanne : cyclists who have not passed Etoy at 12:25 will be stopped and transported back by truck. A minimum average speed of 15 km/h is requested


The registration deadline is specified in the programme for the current year (taken as payment date). Prices will be increased by CHF 10 or 7 euros 10 days before the event. In the event of a withdrawal from the competition, registration fees will not be reimbursed for any reason; instead they can be transferred to the following year upon presentation of a medical certificate, death certificate or other such evidence supporting the decision to withdraw. In the event of a dispute, only a receipt of postage will be taken as proof of payment. In the case of a request to switch course, CHF 10 or 7 Euros will be charged for any requests made less than 10 days before the event. The jersey is only guaranteed for the first 3000 registered then we will give you the shirts of previous editions.

Rights to images

All participants agree to allow the organiser to use their image for promotional purposes for the event. Participants must express any disagreement with this clause in writing to the organisation.

Data protection

By registering for the event, all participants become passive members of the ‘Association Cyclotour du Léman’. As a result, the organiser and partners reserve the right to use participant data. Participants must express any disagreement with this clause in writing to the organisation 10 days before the event, at the latest.

Insurance and exclusion

The organiser will take out third-party liability insurance which covers the policy holder, management committee, active members and any employees and volunteer helpers.

Third party liability

All participants must ensure that they are covered by third-party liability insurance covering any damages to third parties within the context of participation in the event.
Exclusion of the liability of the organisers of the Cyclotour du Léman.

With the exception of any restrictions to exclusions from liability as governed by law, notably article 100 al.2 CO, any liability on the part of organisers, their bodies, employees and other helpers for any direct or indirect damage suffered by a participant within the context of or in relation to participation in the event is expressly excluded.


The organisers will not be deemed liable in the event of any accident caused by a failure to respect the highway code or a third party (another cyclist or vehicle). No reimbursement may be requested in such circumstances. The organiser is also released from any responsibility in the event of a bike being lost or stolen during the rescue of an injured participant or during the event as a whole.


Only participants registered for the Evian-Lausanne distance can use the free boat crossing which is provided between Lausanne and Evian. Those taking part in the tour of the lake and disembarking at Evian who wish to return by boat must purchase a ticket from the CGN (tickets can be purchased on board).

The organisational team will cover the cost of transporting any injured cycles.

Adherence to the current regulations

Participation in the Cyclotour du Léman involves the full and unreserved acceptance of these regulations.

French participants must provide a certificate of medical fitness at the start point. The Comité de Course (Course Committee – CCO) reserves the right to modify the current regulations at any time in the interests of the cyclists and their safety without giving prior notice.